Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is one of the primary figures of Kokoro Connect series

Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is one of the primary figures of Kokoro Connect series

Through the first four quantities, this woman is the vice president for the pupil Cultural Society andA a classmate of Taichi Yaegashi and Iori Nagase. This woman is remarkably competent at collecting and evaluating ideas, and, as a result, understands lots of personal factual statements about this lady guy dance club members. Although this woman is relaxed and sensible, Inaba enjoys an arduous times handling embarrassing problems and does not including things to get free from their control.A


Inaba are a really pretty girl with shoulder-length black tresses who has one strand slipping at the center and brown sight. Unlike almost all of the different women whoever uniform sweaters are coloured yellow, the lady consistent sweater are brown. Inside her casual clothing, this woman is often called wearing one thing adult or simple. Inaba was noted getting great posture with a slim, but long figure and her eyes are called getting piercing, however captivating.


With a short-temper and an intolerance for problems, Inaba is readily the essential volatile member of the societal Club. She tends to incorporate vulgar code and speaks with masculine expressions so that you can uphold an effective appearance. She dislikes their considering term (Himeko) because it suggests “princess youngster” in Japanese, helping to make the woman sound weakened like a young child who must be taken care of.

Despite this lady rough borders, Inaba is quite considerate of the woman man pub members; constantly looking out for every person’s desires, and, though she doesn’t love to showcase it, Inaba significantly treasures the girl pals and is prepared to sacrifice her very own delight maintain the class together. Whenever working with an issue, Inaba generally chooses to simply take a really direct method of solve it, making it challenging on her to handle sensitive issues. Inaba can a naturally distrustful people and headaches continuously in regards to the detrimental ramifications of each technology.

Behind the woman side of arrogance and self-assurance, https://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-wiccan/ Inaba has proven for very low self-esteem. It is mainly associated with the lady distrustful character and social awkwardness, flaws that she acknowledges this lady has but cannot take. Considering her cool character, it would appear that Inaba doesn’t interact socially with other people not in the StuCS. She actually is most enigmatic and is even explained by the girl guy nightclub members as people strange because she does not will promote aspects of by herself. However, after internet dating Taichi Yaegashi, she turns out to be slightly more available, but the woman is also vulnerable to becoming jealous whenever more women communicate with your.

Because she’s enthusiastic about facts research and logistics, Inaba intends to concentrate on science training and, in the future, sign up for an university to higher understand Heartseed. By this lady third seasons, Inaba decides to biggest in engineering at a university, and focus on electronics and it.

Secret Issue

Inaba has actually fantastic problems trusting others, and, simply because they support the power to possibly betray and harmed their, this can include their buddies. In place of from some type of stress or childhood tragedy, Inaba claims to were created with this difficulties and contains not had the opportunity to faith people their whole life. Despite hating this part of herself, Inaba cannot let but consider other people as prospective enemies, whatever. [1] it’s induce Inaba creating an extremely bad image of by herself and also provided to the girl former separation before signing up for the StuCS. Over the course of the collection, Inaba gradually removes the lady defensive wall space and slowly learns to enjoy and trust the woman friends unconditionally.

Afterwards, Inaba starts to recognize opening up to the lady company features slowly generated their weaker than she had previously been which she’s got started excessively depending on the strength of others as opposed to her own.

Credentials Records

Talented in computer utilize, actually knowing how to construct computer systems and use macro programs,A Inaba at first signed up with the Computer pub, but leftover as a result of a disagreement using pub’s chairman. Consequently, Inaba ended up assisting build the scholar societal culture, becoming its vp only because of winning a rock-paper-scissors games against Iori Nagase.

Before high-school, Inaba never really had any genuine friendships and promises the StuCS had been her first real friends. As mentioned in a crisis CD added to the Kako Random blu-ray, as children, Inaba used to use the lady supposed “friends” for the left behind strengthening the StuCS comprise remaining in. In that time, they hidden a period of time capsule that included their particular wishes and Inaba composed that she wished genuine family whenever she grew up. Upon retrieving this lady desire, Inaba made a decision to tear in the papers, also embarrassed to share they along with the rest on the StuCS.