Think about as long as they thought all of the reports and reply to them often?

Think about as long as they thought all of the reports and reply to them often?

Like the poster above, we had a couple of dates pre Corona lockdown that gone very well, we had phone times each week as well however during the last 3 weeksmunication possess slowed up some which we spoke about. He guaranteed me that he’s thinking about anything not merely actual which we are in the same spot then again my personal texts run unread for several days and I also’m leftover thinking he’s even troubled.. he then’ll answer my personal instagram tale. It really is perplexing when his actions you shouldn’t accommodate their phrase, I am frightened of being played and injured by him. .

We informed your the same day about my personal thoughts for guy 2, and therefore really don’t consider we’ll ever establish feelings for him, but I truly like the relationship and don’t want this to affect they

Therefore I have always been in a fairly complicated circumstances. I was good company with 2 dudes.. who had been close friends by themselves. One among them asked me personally out on a romantic date, and i have truly baffled. We performed in the course of time embark on a romantic date but i informed your i don’t desire to mention it dating since I have in the morning uncertain about something, I am not saying certain that I am going to create powerful thinking. We advised him i appreciated him, i liked their company, but don’t discover any other thing more. This went on for 30 days, and I also realized that i actually just like the more guy buddy (guy 2). From this aim me personally and guy 1 comprise pretty near, but we realized this can not go on anymore. Nevertheless did, the guy broke the friendship fundamentally.. I tried to correct that a lot but all attempts in wane.

He was very fine with-it and asserted that he does not want a connection at this level also, and this he could be good with everything

Others man enjoys some other person but i don’t imagine she do.. Now I did so determine chap 2 sooner or later about my personal thinking (due to some situations) in order to my personal shock, he was HAPPY AND is SMILING consistently, as I told him my ideas. The guy additionally asserted that nothing will change between united states, but kept smiling and we also had an excellent convo that night, many hours very long. We remained pals.. It’s been three months, quarantined, man 1 have shifted this indicates n occasionally would talking as well. But the man 2, the man i actually like, referring to a damn major crush, he simply confuses myself. Does the guy like me or not? Exactly why got the guy pleased knowing I prefer your? If he ever enjoys me back once again, will he actually let me know? We worry he might perhaps not try out of esteem for their best friend (man 1). I respect that, i regret whatever took place and I also cannot change it out, but i reallllyyy want there is something i could do to correct the specific situation because i really like this guy and it also would hurt to understand that the guy doesn’t confess their attitude as a result of my problems n for their best friend. 2ndly, clearly i like him far more as compared to girl he crushed on several months back. Occasionally I do believe there are possibilities and sometimes maybe not. I simply have no idea. Possibly he’s wishing, to verify whether or not the girl need your or perhaps not (which i do not think would take place, n whether it does, we’ll right back aside entirely trigger i don’t would you like to can be bought in among them), but he says the guy don’t think of their anymore… and quite often i really feel we are just great together, are unable to the guy discover?